Friday, 11 May 2012

Tree Skin

Eucalyptus or gum trees have the most wonderful bark. Not only does it have beautiful markings, it seems to mould itself around branches like a rubber coat...having wrinkles and folds like skin. I'm sure our skin wouldn't look as good being exposed to all that heat and sun!


Inner Artist said...

Almost as many wrinkles as me! I love all the different trunks of the over 700 species of eucalypts. This one is lovely (not sure which one it is), so are the ghost gum, salmon gum and the scribbly gum. And I love the gorgeous big leaves of the Tasmanian blue gum and the beautiful red-pink blossoms of the red flowering gum from WA (some specimens of the latter can be seen around Brisbane). Thanks for posting, Al.

AL said...

With all the different species, there is always something new to see in these beautiful trees.