Monday, 21 May 2012

The PURRfect Way To Travel

Monday morning, the start of another week, and for some this is the way to travel to work. These are the City Cats, a fleet of 19 sleek craft that ferry people up and down the river at regular intervals. They are an efficient and leisurely way to start (or end) the day, with free WiFi, comfy seats and air conditioning. They are also one of the best and cheapest 'tours' to see the city sights from the Brisbane River. How do you travel to work?

Have a good week, everyone, and try not to work too hard.


Ann said...

How do I travel to work? By overcrowded, too hot or too cold train. I'd love to be one of those people sipping a beer on the Manly ferry of an evening.

Gunn said...

I use my little car....
Too much roadwork and problems with the busses.

This looks nice!!:)