Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Cat

Launched in October last year, this is the 19th and the newest City Cat. Named 'Spirit of Brisbane', it is dedicated to Brisbane's community spirit during one of its toughest periods, namely the tragic and devastating floods of January 2011. The Cat is decorated in distinctive colours; blue for the sky and the river, green for new growth after the floods; maroon for the Queensland spirit and yellow in recognition of the way the sun shone through the clouds to help dry up the flood waters. Inside the 'Spirit of Brisbane' there is also a permanent display of photographs taken during the flood clean-up. 


Dianne said...

Very classy and stylish! I love how the colours are representative of the different aspects of the Spirit of the people of Brisbane after those devestating 2011 floods.

Steffe said...

It looks as it can move very fast.

Anonymous said...

Cool Cat!!