Monday, 25 June 2012

Pelican Waterhole

The last part of the title of my blog is "and a little bit of Queensland". So, I thought I'd take you further afield than Brisbane this time; in fact about 1400kms north-west to Winton and into Central Queensland. With a population of approx 1000, this small, unsuspecting town can claim to be the birthplace of QANTAS, our National Airline. As you can see, rush-hour is the time to avoid the centre of town! 

The town was named by the postmaster, Robert Allen in 1876 after his place of birth, Winton in Dorset, England. Before that, it was called Pelican Waterhole. Apparently he got tired of constantly writing Pelican Waterhole on letters, so he renamed the town.


Dianne said...

I've never been to Winton but it sure beats the bustle of city life .... Interesting to see they park backwards into the kerb.

Lincoln Eye said...

The perspective and lighting draw one's eyes into this picture. Nice little row of shops too!