Saturday, 30 June 2012


This desolate duty road is the route out of Winton as you head towards Lark Quarry (coming soon). Here you have left civilisation and to some degree you are on your own with the elements. It can get hot. Very hot! Take water, ensure the car is well fuelled, and respect the road! Enjoy it's rugged, raw beauty.

The Australian Outback is just about everywhere else that isn't the cities....about 6.5million square kms of it (or 2.5million square miles), inhabited by less than 60,000 people. The term Outback is used to describe the emptiness, remoteness and huge distances of inland Australia, and the fact that most people still don't know much about it! People who live here respect it and love it. They love the fact that nature reigns supreme here, they love the unspoiled beauty, the space and the freedom.


Lincoln Eye said...

Wow that is desolate.

I once heard this sort of country described as the GABA - Great Aussie Bugger All.

Julie said...

The portal appears to be down again for our CDPB July Theme Day of Chimneys. I have reprised the alternative method of linking used when we had issues last March. Please check here and join in if you are of a mind.

AL said...

Lincoln Eye: Yep..not the kind of place that you want to take risks. I like the description...except that despite it looking as if there is bugger all there, there is plenty of life if you know where to find it!