Friday, 31 August 2012

Adieu To Winter

The last day of August and in our calendar that means the last day of winter. I'm never really sure why they don't work on the equinox dates for seasons; it can't be so hard to know if it's winter or summer can it? August is going out as dry as it hasn't rained here since mid July and the fine weather is expected to continue. It's also Friday again, so hope you all have a great weekend. 


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I'm the other way - I keep expecting a new season when the month ticks over, only to be told that it's on some obscure date based on the moon. I guess it all depends on what you're used to!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I see what you mean Al, great minds think alike hey!!(we won't worry about the other part of that saying haha!)What is this fabulous tree, I don't recognize it. Gosh it sounds like you've had an even drier winter than we have, it's actually raining outside now and hopefully continuing for the next week, it's a bit of a worry though.. Happy spring and happy weekend Al.

Nathalie said...

Oh what a sight! I'm so pleased that your spring is round the corner - but not looking forward to seeing the days shorten here.

As for your comment "I'm never really sure why they don't work on the equinox dates for seasons", that's something I never got to understand either while living in OZ.

Lincoln Eye said...

Looking at average temperatures it looks like 1st of month rather than equinox/solstice is a better estimate of the seasons. Also the summer solstice is midsummer's day - funny that it's also the first day of summer! In the UK we can pretend it's still summer for another 3 wks - our fearless leaders won't get down to serious work til after their summer conferences, which start soon.

Karl Demetz said...

Wow, spring is sooo beautiful!

Gunn said...

It is autumn here with plenty of wind and rain.
I am living in Stavanger, the southwest coast of Norway.
I look forward to the spring!!

This is just soooo pretty!