Friday, 20 April 2012

Glass House Mountains (1)

I'm going to take you on another small tour of this part of Queensland. Hope you enjoy it. If you drive north out of Brisbane and head towards the Sunshine Coast hinterland, in just 45 mins you can find yourself in the Glass House Mountains. Rising abruptly from the plains south of Caloundra, craggy volcanic peaks tower over plantations and bushland. Here we see Mt Tibrogargan (364 m).

The name was given to these mountains by Lieutenant James Cook (later Captain) on his voyage along the east coast of Australia in 1770. Apparently they reminded him of glasshouses (glass furnaces) of his native Yorkshire. They are, in fact, volcanic plugs, the cores of extinct volcanoes that formed 27 to 26 million years ago. The pyroclastic exteriors have eroded away over the millions of years. The lookout has some nice mosaics set into the pathway depicting each mountain. 


ZacMontoya said...

The peaks around must be some serious centers of spiritual power. I wonder what one would feel to sit upon the pinnacle atop this monumental mound of stone?

Yvonne said...

All these years and I didn't know why they were called the Glass House Mountains. It's such a stunning area.

Dianne said...

A fabulous scenic capture Al ... you certainly have the best of both worlds .. the city and within a short distance this amazing scenery.
Hoping you have a great week.

AL said...

Zac: For the local indigenous people, the region holds a lot of significance. All I know is, it's a really lovely area.
Yvonne & Dianne: We are really blessed with having such magnificent scenery and natural places so close to the city. Thanks for your comments.