Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seasonal Protection

Sitting in the southern hemisphere, March 1st ushers in the first day of autumn, not that you'd know it by the late burst of hot dry weather we are having. Whilst walking through the city the other day I noticed this decorated tree in King George Square which needed closer inspection. This is the Martenitza tree, a gift to the city and people of Brisbane from the Bulgarian community and is significant on March 1st, Martenitza's Day. The first of March is a celebration of life, hope and good spirits, and this tradition can be traced back 8000 years to the Balkan region.

Red is the colour of fire, blood and the symbol of life associated with the woman. White is the symbol of purity, the colour of the cold snow, foamy waters, the clouds, and also of man's wisdom. The twisted red and white threads of the Martenitza bring health, happiness and protect from evil according to the ancient tradition.

Hope you all have good health and happiness, wherever you are.


Ann said...

And to you. Interesting tradition, haven't seen anything like this before in Australia.

Inner Artist said...

That's really interesting, Al. At first I I thought it was Christmas come early (or late)!

AL said...

I have heard of this tradition in Europe but it is the first time for me here in Australia too. It certainly has a 'Christmas' feel to it, doesn't it?

la fourchette said...

What an interesting tradition...very cool!