Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mt Coot-tha

Before European settlement, the Brisbane region was home to various indigenous people, who still have connections to the mountain. They came to collect 'ku-ta', the honey of the stingless native bee, from hives in tree hollows.

From Brisbane's early days, residents would ascent Mount Coot-tha for picnics with a view. The bush at the top was cleared, leaving a lone, large eucalypt, and the mountain was then called One Tree Hill. Today Mt Coot-tha is still a popular place to view the city. It's a great view, isn't it?


cara said...

I was at this spot last Friday taking pictures - there was no blue in the sky that day.

Lovely shot!

AL said...

I took this on Thursday! Perhaps we should catch up sometime to talk blogs and pics!